This is the first step for you to set your own path in owning your own E-Commerce store. Botanical Kiosk™ gives you the ability to have your own store without having a big start-up cost and overhead. Below is the breakdown of everything you will get with your store.

The Process is fast and simple:

  1. Fill out the On-Boarding form below
  2. Get emailed a full agreement with detailed information about your store through Docu-Sign 
  3. Submit your starting fee of $350.00 for your website design and to buy your domain name (store name) of choice
  4. Be patient for  5 business days; your E-Commerce store will be active. 

Owner Percentages 

As a store owner, you will receive a percentage of every sale that will fluctuate based on volume. The more your store makes, the more you make.  All percentages due will be paid within 15 business days after the closing month. The breakdowns are as follows:

Monthly Percentages Paid Out 

  • 30% – 0 to $3,000. a month 
  • 35% – $3,001. to 5k a month 
  • 40% – $5,000. to 10k a month

Monthly Bonuses Paid Out 

  • Sell $7,500 in one month get a 2% Bonus
  • Sell $10,500 in one month get a 2.5% Bonus
  • Sell Above $10,500. in one month get a 3.5% Bonus

Shipping & Fulfillment

Botanical Kiosk™ will manage 100% of the shipping and fulfillment of your sales. For each sale, you and your customer will receive a tracking number for their order.

Backend Support

Botanical Kiosk™ has an “on-email” staff that will be able to assist you with any technical situations that may occur that include design & functionality, processing orders, and making sure your store is up-to-date with SEO. (what is SEO)

See Example Online Stores

Modern Style

Wellness & Health

After submitting your On-Boarding information, you will receive an email from Docu-Sign with the full agreement. Please fill out the form. Once we receive the signed agreement, we will send a PayPal request for the start-up payment of $350.00. This will cover your expenses for the design and hosting of your store. If you have any questions a Botanical Kiosk™ representative is available via email at onboarding{at}

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