FAQ Botanical Kiosk™

David Hill

What is Botanical Kiosk™?

After Covid-19 Botanical Kiosk™ has decided to take initiative to help all Americans from this economical downfall. Seeing how the state and the federal government has fallen short to provide monetary help to their citizens, we decided to take the matter into our own hand. We are helping all those individuals who have lost their job(s) and are looking for a quick fix to obtain that supplemental income they need so much. Our manufacturer HempXtra™ has helped us restructure their product pricing and give those forgotten workers the opportunity to own their own business and make good money. Please understand we are not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme, we are helping you open up your own store within a couple of days and make money for yourself not for anyone else!

How is Botanical Kiosk™ Managing E-Commerce Sites?

We conduct regular maintenance to be in compliance. On a weekly base, we will be scanning all stores making sure all plugins and functionality is working correctly. 

How are the Botanical Kiosk™ E-Commerce Store owner's earnings calculated?

See Affiliate terms and conditions in your agreement. 

Does Botanical Kiosk™ own my store?

No, we regulate it. Making sure everything is kept in compliance with our standards.

How can I change or adjust my site design?

You will be purchasing a standard design, during the set-up of your site you can customize the look, colors and visuals. After your build-out is completed minor visuals can be updated as you go with your Account Rep. 

How do I know Botanical Kiosk™ shipped out orders on time?

You will be notified with the tracking label & info that you will pass on to the customer who purchased the products.

How can I see how much my store has made?

On the backend of your store, you will be able to see what products are sold and how much money is made in real-time. 

How can I test the products I'm selling?

You have the ability to purchase samples or the full bottles as part of your minimum monthly quota.

How I can get Paid the money my store made?

You must open a PayPal account and provide us with that information. *See Affiliate terms and conditions.

Can I give Discounts on my store for promotions?

No, you cannot. The pricing will be uniformed across all affiliates. We will be providing promotions accordingly that will benefit all stores.

What's the process of fixing something in my store?

You must provide us with an email about the issue, we will then respond with work to be done from our IT at no extra cost to you or the store.

Do I own my store name?

Yes, you do.

How would I file taxes?

You own your own business and you will be 1099 on all payments. *You must consult with an accountant.

Do I have to have a business license to sell Botanical Kiosk™?

You must consult with your local county and state about E-Commerce operations.

Where are the products shipped from?

They are shipped from our distribution center in Florida.

How long has HempXtra™ been around?

The company was born approximately 3 years ago.

What if I cancel and don't want to have a store how do I get out of my agreement and what happens to the store?

As long that there are no chargebacks pending your contract will be terminated. The store will become inactive. All money from sales that are owed will be tallied and paid out as final payment. *See Affiliate terms and conditions.