Be Your Own Boss: What Does it Take to Launch an Online Botanical store?

For so many of us, CBD is an integral part of our morning routine. It is said to take 2 drops in the morning and 2 at the end of your day to balance out our inner system. So much so that when we run out we call a friend or log on to a store to see how you can stock back up.

Whether you’re a user looking to make some extra money or a newcomer that wants to take advantage of the wellness movement, the increased demand for online CBD retailers has provided a unique opportunity.

If you’re thinking about starting one, you’re probably wondering what to expect.

Let’s dive in.


Is selling Non-THC CBD online profitable?

Selling CBD can be very profitable with the right system in place. Consider the advantages of a high-commodity product like Non-THC CBD:

A high volume of customers. CBD is one of the most widely used product in the world for wellness. Which means there is an abundance of potential customers.


Small-brand advantage. Typically customers associate larger brands with higher quality and better service, but commodity products in CBD are different. Customers are more tuned into branding cues, giving an advantage to smaller outlets.

Selling a product that is widely available has advantages. In many ways, a widely available product is easier to sell. Your customers already want your product, you just let them know it is available on your own site.

Log on to Botanical Kiosk to get started without the big overhead in owning your own CBD products. It is an easy 3 step process to have your own E-Commerce store in 5 business days.

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